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---> P l U m B o B s T a N d A r D <---

taking graphix to a whole 'nother level~

Plumbob Standard
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Welcome to my wonderful graphix community! This was originally for my graphix only, but now I've decided to let the public share their talents with the members.


You can post any type of graphic on this comm. [layouts, banners, colorbars, icons, wallpapers, etc.]
002. Please put all big post under cuts.
003. You can have at most 3 teasers for icons only.
004. Please give credit to the maker. If you need help just ask the mod.
005. Most importantly, don't steal or alter other people's creations.
006. Also, no spamming, flamming, or any of that shiz. Not cool!
007. You can also make a request for a graphic. Please don't abuse this rule and always be patient.